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Online Ordering For Restaurants Printer

Online Ordering For Restaurants!

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Want more business? – How about 10-20% more?

Online Ordering for as little as $3.50 / day!

“Our online orders are increasing steadily. Taking orders over the internet on our website is easier than over the phone and error free! A simple and affordable solution – online ordering pays for itself by getting us sales and inquiries. The accuracy of orders and increased delivery business are huge benefits of our online ordering program”John Pinelli, South Philly Cheesesteaks

Ordering food on the telephone gives people anxiety! It also costs you money. About 69% of consumers order food online” – | Marketing News

FACT: Online ordering increases sales, especially food sales for restaurants that deliver.  Research data suggests an upside of 10-30%.  Our clients are seeing significant increased business with no advertising by simply flipping the switch.  Thousands of users instantly become potential customers who can browse your menu and purchase from any device. Even Chick-fil-A is doing online ordering and they don’t deliver!

Do the math:

Scenario: A restaurant that does $30,000 in sales per month increases sales by just 10% with online ordering.  That’s an increase in sales of $3000.  If their margin is 25% that is $750 in profit to the bottom line each month!

Want online ordering but don’t want to pay an outrageous price? Do you want to compete with the big chain restaurants without a huge cost?  Save your money and call us today.

  • Our solution comes at a fraction of the cost of alternatives offered by many point-of-sale companies.  It’s a no-brainer for small businesses.

Easy Install & Requires NO interaction on your part other than to fill an order when it prints. The system is  completely automated!  The only hardware needed is the receipt printer.


  • You don’t have to change your existing point of sale system – we work with all point-of sale systems
  • You don’t have to change your payment processor

Benefits of NebWebsites Online Ordering System for Restaurants:

  • Easily increase your business 10-30%
  • Customers can place orders from any browser, smart phone, or tablet
  • Simple turn-key Solution – Live within 24 hours and only 30 minutes of training required!
  • Build your brand not someone else’s with white label options!  Your customer checks out on [yourwebsite].com
  • Commercial grade receipt/ticket printer
  • Easy to use – Automatic batching and reports delivered to your email daily. Also available from any browser or smartphone.
  • Customize things like store hours, delivery radius, minimum order, delivery fee, coupons & specials
  • Multiple locations?  We support that too!
  • Capture customer information and market to them effectively
  • PCI Compliant and Secure

Ticket prints and order is filled – It’s that easy!

Don’t miss the boat. Grow your business.


South Philly Cheesesteaks

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Our Latest Project…COMPLETE

South Philly Cheesesteaks!

We met with the Pinellis at South Philly Cheesesteaks in Colorado. They fed us some great cheesesteaks and hired us to build their new site as well as an online ordering system that will roll out in the coming months.  These guys offer a great franchise opportunity and are growing fast with now 10 locations in Colorado!

The proof is in the cheesesteak.  You have to try one as they make the best cheesesteak in CO.  We spent quite a bit of time hanging out in the store during the project.  It was interesting to meet many people from the east coast who frequent these restaurants.  It truly is authentic east coast fare.

South Philly Cheesesteaks Denver


Kerr Panel Manufacturing Denver, CO – Honeycomb Panel Company

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Our Latest Project…COMPLETE

Kerr Panel Manufacturing!

We met with Brian Kerr at Kerr Panel Manufacturing. They build honeycomb panels of every shape, size, and application you can think of. The idea of a honeycomb panel is that it is super strong lightweight panel. The uses for these panels spans from aerospace to granite and marble backers to even packing containers and military bunkers.

This was probably one of the coolest projects we have done at Nebwebsites as we were able to get our hands on some samples of honeycomb panels to play with and take pictures of. You would not believe how light these things are and the crazy amount of weight they hold at the same time. You can put whatever kind of skin you want on the panels and the honeycomb core can be made of several different materials.

They were also some of the friendliest and knowledgeable people to work with. Even if you are not building flight simulators or satellites I encourage you to check them out. You might find a new use for a super strong and lightweight custom honeycomb panel.

Kerr Panel Manufacturing – Honeycomb Panels



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Our Latest Project…COMPLETE

Trustpoint Insurance web design and SEO optimization!

Carly & Lynette are both very sharp, very capable insurance professionals who will take good care of you, your family, and your business. They specialize in Health Insurance Plans and Life Insurance with tons of insurance carriers in their tool belt to choose from. Insurance is confusing enough, let these gals show you the way. Highly recommended – check it out…

Trustpoint Insurance


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Our Latest Project…COMPLETE

Harchelroad Motors hired NebWebsites for SEO, Search Engine Optomization and it PAID OFF! We increased unique visitors to their site BIG TIME in just 4 short months!

Without giving out to many of the details, it is safe to say Dillon will definitely be selling more Corvettes and Callaway’s this year!


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Our Latest Project…

Computers Etc. Holyoke, CO

You would think a technology business with the word “Computer” in their name did websites. Well they don’t and hired the professionals at NebWebsites to do some tweaking for them.

We updated their site including some image editing/changes/adds, text changes, and SEO! We also installed analytis so they can track how many visitors they have to their site!

Website Updates, Images, Links, SEO: Computers Etc.